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Next Event:


June 4th to 7th 2015 Martin Niemöller Haus near Frankfurt, Germany


Last event In May 2013

1st International Symposium For Men

near Frankfurt, Germany

Entitled “Men and the Future: Sex, Authenticity and Power”, it was attended by experts in men’s work as well as by men, fathers and sons of all ages and from six countries.

The end of the last Century saw the rise of feminism and the loss, for men, of our easy identification with being bread-winners. As men began to adjust to that loss, the ‘men’s movement’ in response. But is this new role for men any more satisfying for our souls than women’s new role is for them? Does it fully honour our masculinity; who we really are as men?

For both sexes, there’ve been new opportunities. For men, a greater sense of relating, of opening our hearts, and spending more joyous time with loved ones; for women, greater freedom and independence. But for men, as we continue to adjust, there remains a sense that there’s now both the need for, and the possibility of, something more; something deeper and more meaningful which embraces the new realities but equally and fully honours who we really are as men.

For we need also to bring our transformational learnings into action in order to participate in creating the kind of world we would want our children to inherit.

That, then, is what Men-Maenner is all about: about moving beyond the important grounding step of opening our hearts, to discovering for ourselves a deeper masculinity we can take out into the world in whatever field we choose; be it in industry, at home, in politics, education, psychology or whatever.

Will you join us on this journey? We hope so!

Calling all men who:

  • Work in the field of gender, politics and social partnership.
  • Work with men or boys in education or justice.
  • Have been involved in the Men’s Movement.
  • Have experience of transformative Menswork.
  • Have a vision of positive Masculinity to share.
  • Want to network with other pioneers in the field.
  • Want to pass on the fruits of what they have learned.

And calling also those men, who:

  • Find positive male role models difficult to encounter.
  • Have a son at home who struggles to get launched.
  • Struggle with expressing their sexuality in a grounded way.
  • Want to meet others to explore how to contribute to the future.
  • Feel powerless as a young male in today’s world.
  • Have not yet found male comrades to walk the path with.
  • Feel unsure about how they can contribute to a good future.
  • Want to become proud of being male and are not sure how.
  • Want to find a healthy sense of power in their relationship.
  • Are searching for a fulfilling image of masculinity.

We invite you to come and join us and:

  • Enjoy the presence of experienced Menswork leaders.
  • Be stimulated by meeting other dedicated seekers.
  • Experience open-hearten collaborative Maleness
  • Contribute to a new future-orientated vision for Masculinity.

Come and join us and:

  • contribute to a new vision for masculinity
  • enjoy the stimulating presence of other dedicated seekers
  • experience the guidance of men who have been involved with menswork for decades

Who is behind this first International Symposium for Men?

We are a core team of men experienced in men’s issues and workshop presentations:

John Bunzl (UK)
Nick Duffell (UK)
Robert Fischer (CH)

These guys and the following will be presenters and animators of your experience:

Michael Boyle (UK); Eivind Fiegenschau-Skjellum (N); Daniel Glauser (CH); Axel Klimek (D); Evgenij Kunin (RUS); Reinhold H. Schäfer(D); Mark Josephs-Serra (UK); Paul Wolf-Light (UK); Michael Plesse (D)
and others to be announced…

Find out more about them and discover their vision by clicking on their names.

You can begin to take part in this movement NOW by joining in on our discussion forum and  BLOG.

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